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SRAM Force eTap AXS 2X Electronic HRD Groupset

SRAM Force eTap AXS 2X Electronic HRD Groupset

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The Bike Tailor is used to making dream bikes for riders around the world. And now, if you’re embarking on your own build, we can help you to use the perfect gearing for your kind riding and your kind of terrain.

Once set up, the Force AXS groupset is so easy to use. For a start, it’s wireless, which means super simple setting, and a bike uncluttered by cables.

This groupset it also quiet, durable, and versatile. It’s absolutely the best groupset for your bike.


  • SRAM Force eTap AXS HRD Shifters
  • Hydraulic flat mount disc brakes with SJ Hose connected
  • 12-speed rear derailleur and battery
  • Front derailleur and battery
  • Charger with cord
  • Quick start guide



  • Instant and smooth wireless electronic shifting
  • Compatible with all SRAM AXS systems
  • The SRAM AXS App allows you to wirelessly set up your shifting preferences, check battery levels, perform firmware updates and more
  • Rear derailleur features larger X-SYNC™ pulleys for increased durability and efficiency, Orbit™ chain management technology keeps drivetrain quiet and secure and is compatible with existing eTap® batteries
  • Front derailleur has elegant and streamlined form for more rear-tire clearance, classic SRAM Yaw™ trimless cage technology with an optimised cage profile for new chainring combinations and is compatible with existing eTap® batteries
  • Levers feature textured shift paddles and hoods for a better feel, personalise for your hands and preferences using the Contact Point Adjustment™ and separate Reach Adjust™, Award-winning HydroHC™ brake platform, One Blips™ port per side, Bleeding Edge™ technology for easy and clean bleeds
  • Intuitive 2X shifting drivetrain includes: SRAM Force AXS 12-speed rear derailleur and battery | SRAM Force AXS 2x12-speed HRD shifters with flat mount hydraulic disc brake calipers (SJ Hose attached) | charger and cord | quickstart guide